Remote internal Workshop on oversight and democratic rights

The GUARDINT project team met for a remote workshop to discuss preliminary research results and coordinate future planning in light of the Corona virus pandemic. The different GUARDINT researchers presented updates on their respective work packages and deliverables. This included discussions of:

  • Draft paper on security, digital surveillance and the grammar of democracy: a political sociology of disputes
  • Presentation on visualising security and democracy in the UK Parliamentary archives
  • Draft paper on indicators & operationalisation strategy for the “Civic Oversight” component of the Intelligence Oversight Index (IOI)
  • Preliminary research on socio-genesis of intelligence oversight in the U.S.A. and in France
  • Additional opportunities for joint research on COVID-19 and the democratic oversight of surveillance used in the context of fighting the pandemic.

Members of GUARDINT’s academic advisory board participated in the workshop and provided feedback on the preliminary results and next steps.