Back to Big Brother? Public talk with James Ball and Claudia Aradau

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As cases of coronavirus surged around the world, policymakers were forced to reconsider the balance between safeguarding public health, restarting the economy and preserving civil liberties. While many governments have crafted emergency laws that aim to respect and uphold human rights, history has shown that additional state powers brought in at times of crisis are rarely rolled back once normality is resumed. On the 6th of October 2020 Professor of International Politics and GUARDINT-member Claudia Aradau and Pulitzer prize-winning journalist James Ball (The System) examine the ethics around new technologies, consider the dangers posed to human rights when decision-making is put into the wrong hands, and discuss what increased state powers could mean for our civil liberties and democracy. Chaired by BBC Security Correspondent Gordon Corera (Russians Among Us).

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