State Surveillance and Democracy in the Digital Era: A Transnational Perspective

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18.09. to 19.09.2019

This international research workshop discusses the different publications of the program UTIC (2014-2019) on the communications surveillance practices of police and intelligence services, in particular in France but also on the European and transatlantic level.

Thorsten Wetzling presented the new GUARDINT (2019-2022) research program on the fragile limits of democracies and the question of the oversight of intelligence services, especially when they are cooperating internationally.

Kilian Vieth presented the Research Handbook on Human Rights and Digital Technology: Global politics, law and International Relations. Highly interdisciplinary, the Research Handbook draws on law, political science, and international relations, as well as computer science and science and technology studies in order to engage with human rights aspects of the digitally connected world.

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